Staff Meeting

25 04 2007

I just got done with a student ministry staff meeting. WOW they get it. We are in the process of changing everything and they not only embraced the changes they even commented about how further change in different areas would further advance our ministry to students.

I love casting the vision and it being received and embraced. One  concept I am committed to is repetition of the vision. Every oppertunity I get I need to recast the vision. Experts in the corporate world talk about this often. They understand the need to keep the vision in front of the people or else they stray inadvertently. I am constantly repeating the same message. “LOST students are our first priority.”

As leaders I think we easily blame the people for not getting the vision, but that problem is more likely a deficiency in your communication of the vision. This is not the case all the time, but probably the large majority.




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