Weekend Wrap Up

9 04 2007

I kind of wish the day were bigger than it was, but I need to remember that God is doing something and for one family of 4 that were baptized this morning it was life changing. I guess I wish the process could be faster. There are lost people right outside the doors of our church and some are content to be me church naval gazers. That last statement is a combination for a Steven Furtick statement and my own.

We did do a few neat things this morning. The worship highlight for me was a new song for our church, Mighty To Save. I have loved this song for a long time, but we have never done it in worship. I had some students come to me following the service and asked me to do that song in Main Event. We will!

So we were doing the second part of 2 part mini series called Significant Insignificance. The series came from the book “I Am Not, But I Know I Am”. Great book! So after worship Dave started to speak and the first thing he did was have everyone take a card out of their bulletin. The card simply said “I AM.” On the back of the card people were instructed to write their greatest need. Throughout the message the point was driven home that we all in some way think life is about us. We all think, I am. We read how John the baptist was very quick to point out that “I am NOT” and that we all need to realize that as well. The message was driven to a time when people were challenged to take that card with whatever their need is and give it to “I Am” as the ultimate expression of I am not. I can not fix this, I can not do this on my own, I am not good enough, I am not strong enough, I can not save my marriage, I can not be everything my kids need, but I AM can. We had between 100 – 150 people come forward and respond it was pretty cool.

There was no Main Event tonight as most people had family plans being easter and all. I hope you had a moment today where you reflected on all that God has done for you. It is a great day!




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