8 04 2007

Have you ever heard about something cool, but when you finally experienced it for yourself it was way bigger and better than your previous understanding?

That happened to my wife and I today. We went to Elevation Church’s Egg Drop today. It was freaking amazing. You can read more about it on Steven Furtick‘s, the lead pastor at Elevation, blog. We packed up the kids and traveled the 2 hours to Charlotte, NC for this crazy egg hunt. Last year at the event the church rented a helicopter and dropped eggs into a high school football stadium for the children. This year the plan was to use a hot air balloon to do it again. The problem was the wind was way to strong to fly a hot air balloon. It was still awesome!

I guess there was somewhere in the neighborhood of 4000 – 5000 people in attendance there this morning.

Steven and his team do a great job of planning big. I mean not just big like it would be cool to have several thousand at church, but like how can we do something for the community that no one will ever forget. No one will ever forget the Elevation egg drop.

The egg drop was held at the high school the intend to use to launch their new campus at tomorrow, great advertising for the new campus! I got to go inside the auditorium and see their set up. The place seats 650 and I am praying they have to go to 2 services tomorrow!

God is doing some amazing things at Elevation! Keep up the good work guys!




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