Weekend Wrap Up

3 04 2007

So each week I am going to offer a weekend wrap up post. I will mention what happened, how it went, peoples responds and some other random thoughts.

This weekend in the main worship service was, from what I hear, awesome! I know what happened because I was involved in the planning for it. Our Easter series is called Significant Insignificance, a play off Louie Giglio’s I AM NOT, BUT I KNOW I AM book, which you all should pick up and read. It is an amazing book.

So this Sunday we made a point to make everyone understand how small they really in in the universe. We are really small! Than we countered that thought with the truth of the resurrection. At the beginning of the service people were given a nail to hold. Throughout the service they were directed to the nail. The nail equaled all the ways we fall short and don’t live up tp God’s standards. They whole message came to point with this image.
The “X” Structure at Core of Whirlpool Galaxy (M51). WOW!

From here we went to communion which was served at the foot of several huge rough wooden crosses. People were encouraged to participate by taking their nail and nailing it to the cross because Jesus has made us significant than take communion.

I was not able to be there as I had a sick child at home. Sucks! That night at Main Event I was speaking to a group of students and one commented that worship that morning was awesome. He went on to ask if I had anything to do with it because it was just like youth group, that made me feel good. I think we hit the mark when adults and students alike comment about how much they were impacted by a service. Enough about morning worship.

Main Event was a decient experience as well.

We finished our series “What Does God Think About” with a message about what does God think about how I do at school and work? The idea was that God calls us to excellence in everything. We used Daniel 1 as an example of a guy who was forced to perform in a very difficult situation and never made excuses. We have been equipped to do God’s will. We have everything we need.

I. Stop making excuses.

He was challenged and challenged himself.

II. Challenge yourself.

and we must keep going. We never arrive and our tenancy is to not work so hard when we achieve something.

III. Keep going.

It was a pretty good night.

I illustrated the talk with a little game of “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?” That was very funny. I also reveled my SAT score, which was not good. It was fun.

I enjoyed the series. I am not speaking this coming weekend or the one after that so I have some time to think about what’s next. Maybe a mini series on Jude to motivate us to each lost friends. This would work with our relaunch on May 2 as well.




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