Off and Running

26 03 2007

Being this is my first post I figured I would briefly introduce myself. I am a youth pastor in South Carolina. I have been at the church I am currently at for 5 years and love working for the church. Aside from Jesus the church is the best thing this world has going for it! I have a wife, Michelle . We have 2 sons, Cade almost 3 and Benjamin 16 months.

Enough about that for now.

So last night at our youth service, Main Event, we spent some time talking about a new vision for ALL ACCESS Ministries. We talked about how the tendency in any group is to at times get comfortable and when we get comfortable the focus shifts from the lost to us. We talked about making some painful yet necessary changes to make sure we are focused on moving people through a process of discipleship which engages non-believers, moves people toward maturity, and challenges everyone to serve the church and the community. It was very well received and we will be moving ahead with a kick off on May 2. Please say a prayer for our ministry as we make this needed transition.

Maybe I will write more about this in another post

So last night I taught on tithing and giving. To the best of my knowledge I had never taught about tithing to a group of students. We are in a series called “What does God think about?” We are engaging many issues that God has revealed His thoughts about that are very real to students – What does God think about what I wear and what I think about what she wears, What does God think about who my friends are, what does God think about how I treat others. As I began to prepare I realized that there were actually very few youth pastors teaching about tithing to students. I think the topic of giving and tithing is one that is unavoidable in adulthood and many fall victim to poor financial decissions. God has a lot to say about giving, tithing, and our possessions. Why not talk about it? The typical response is that students just don’t have any money why talk about it? We talk about sex and drugs and we know those don’t affect our students as much as money does. We also know that the lasting consequences of poor financial choices are huge and long lasting.

We did something kind of creative. During the message we gave every student a dollar bill. We told them that the bill represented their most treasured possession and all their money. As I taught I talked about the bill and those possessions often. Our students then engaged in a breakout group session where they wrote those possessions on the bill, later when we came back together there was a challenge to start putting their treasures into eternal things. If students were going to make a decision about this issue the were encouraged to nail that bill to a cross we had at the front of the youth room. It was a very powerful experience.

Each week I hope to post a few thoughts about ministry that weekend.

We should teach on money more often!




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